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The Marietta Pilgrimage
A Christmas Home Tour through Marietta, Georgia


Ivy Grove, c. 1843

473 Cherokee Street


PhotoIvy Grove is one of Cobb County's most historic residences and best exemplifies today's concept of the southern plantation home. Originally built in the Greek Revival style, it was remodeled during the late Victorian era and the Georgian Revival period and has characteristics of both styles. This classic house survived the ravages of General Sherman's decimation in 1864, as well as two subsequent fires.


It was built by Edward Denmead and consisted of 1800 acres of farm land and gardens extending from the site southward to almost the Marietta Square. Denmead served eleven successive terms as Mayor of Marietta and established the first bank. In 1874, the Denmeads were forced to sell the house to Dr. Egbert Barrows. His daughter, Julia, married F.L. Freyer and she inherited the estate. The Freyers remodeled the house in 1894 in the Victorian style. The Freyer's daughter Ada and her husband Morgan McNeel acquired the house in 1900. A 1914 fire damaged the house. While renovating the house, they changed the orientation to face south by adding a portico. In 1943 the McNeels sold the house to Jimmy Carmichael, a prominent attorney and an unsuccessful candidate for Governor of Georgia. In 1980, Harrison Merrill a developer responsible for restoration of many downtown buildings purchased the house and began extensive renovations. Thomas Watson Brown acquired the house and the estate remains in the Brown family today.


Ivy Grove is the site for this year's Marietta Pilgrimage Tour Bistro.