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The Marietta Pilgrimage
A Christmas Home Tour through Marietta, Georgia


The Marlow House, c. 1887

192 Church Street


PhotoThe Marlow House was built in 1887 by 37-year old Marietta resident, Miss Idelle Marlow. Miss Marlow married Newton Heggie of Augusta in 1890. Built as a rooming and boarding house, it provided a home and a steady income for Mrs. Heggie for 42 years. The house is a classic example of Victorian style architecture with its gable roof, bay window and wrap-around porch. It was used as a boarding house, then apartments until the early 1980's when it was renovated and opened as Marietta's first Bed & Breakfast Inn. Today it is a special events facility. In 2003, a charming Art Gallery was added featuring Thomas Kinkade artwork and other local artists. In 2007, Marlow House Travel was also added as a full service travel agency.