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The Marietta Pilgrimage
A Christmas Home Tour through Marietta, Georgia

The Cross-Land-Hewitt House, c. 1907

137 Stewart Avenue


The Cross-Land-Hewitt House PhotoSituated amid 19th century pecan trees still standing today, the Cross-Land-Hewitt house was originally part of the 3,000 acre Archibald-Howell estate. It has been said that in 1905 the estate was subdivided and sold to grove workers as modest living quarters. In 1907, the house was built on the property; original deeds state it was a lot with "a five room, one story house".


The architectural style is considered a National Folk house, influenced by the early 20th century craftsman/bungalow movement. The one story, gabled front and wing has modest stylistic details; a front porch supported by tapered square piers, eaves with exposed rafter tails, and wood wall cladding with horizontally lapped boards. Period details include wavy glass windows, plaster walls, a coal burning fireplace, and cast iron ball foot tub. The original heart pine floors are still intact, milled in 13 to 16 foot board lengths and laid in a single run from wall-to-wall.


Although the house has had eighteen homeowners, it has undergone only one major renovation in its history. In 1989, an addition to the back of the house increased the home's footprint. The kitchen was expanded, the hall configured, a master suite added, and the attic space converted, which now functions as a media room.


The current owners, Jeffrey and Diane Hewitt, purchased the home in 1996. With sensitivity for the home's architectural integrity, they updated both bathrooms and the kitchen. The interior design respects the property's heritage while accepting modern day living and personal style. A well-edited mix of furniture, decorative arts, and artifacts span a timeframe from the early 1900s through today. Thoughtfully combining old with new, the space remains fresh and relevant with a European sensibility.


The Cross-Land-Hewitt house embraces a century of design and history, blending traditional and modern elements that reflect the property's 106 year existence.


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