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The Marietta Pilgrimage
A Christmas Home Tour through Marietta, Georgia

Setter's Run, c. 1934

134 Frances Avenue


Setter's RunBuilt in 1938 by Ralph and Helen Benson, this charming cottage sits on two lots from the original Ivy Grove Plantation. Subsequent owners include the Colquitts, Williamsons, and Turners. Purchased in 1997 by Robert and Claudia Worley, fine elements of the original design became the inspiration for a complete renovation to create a modern house with a 1930s feel.


The house has undergone two major renovations and additions in 1997 and 2011, which included adding bathrooms, expanding the kitchen and sitting room, and upgrading the electrical system. In 2013, the homeowners built a carriage house which matches the main house.


The home now features a dramatic series of concentric arches that form the center of the cross layout on the main floor. Restoration of the original hardwood floors, doors, doorknobs and phone nook plus the installation of custom mahogany cabinets have all added additional warmth.


The property is now a wonderful home full of the owners' heirloom antiques and peppered with hidden porches, gardens, and a courtyard. With its Charleston style lot layout this "tiny looking cottage" meanders to some 6,000 square feet. It has been said this house's nooks and crannies have nooks and crannies. Of special note is the 1920s mahogany Steck piano, which survived the bombing of London in World War II, and the family gallery, which dates back to the 1830's.