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The Marietta Pilgrimage
A Christmas Home Tour through Marietta, Georgia

The Clay-Willingham-Cook House, c. 1912

514 Church Street


The Clay-Willingham-Cook House

This house was termed a "Pre-Flapper Cottage" because at the end of the 1800s, big Victorian houses were being built smaller so the wife could handle the housekeeping chores herself. The downstairs, living room and dining room, reflect a Tudor influence. You will notice this style change easily when you enter and see the flow of traffic from room to room. Original features include the hardwood floors, moldings, columns and five fireplaces.


This house was built by Ryburn Clay, son of Sen. Alexander Stephens Clay. Mr. Tennant Black supervised the building and the family moved into the dwelling in August of 1914. Eventually it was sold when Mr. Clay moved to Atlanta to establish Fulton National Bank. Mr. Loring Raul bought the home, Mr. Raul's sister founded the Atlanta League of Women Voters. Harold S. Willingham, who later served in the Georgia Senate, then purchased the property for only $9,000. The house was sold in 1986 to the Joe Kelly family. The current owner, Becky Cook, purchased the house in 2011.


A flawless renovation features a new master suite and a fabulous designer kitchen that flows seamlessly from the original section of the home.


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