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The Marietta Pilgrimage
A Christmas Home Tour through Marietta, Georgia

The Bramlett-Hicks-Ferreira House, c. 1922

176 Stewart Avenue


The Bramlett-Hicks-Ferreira House Photo

Located at 176 Stewart Avenue, the Bramlett-Hicks-Ferreira House was built in the spring of 1922 for Miss T.E. Bramlett. After changing hands several times in the 1920’s, the home was purchased by Albert J. Hicks in 1926. Mr. Hicks passed away in 1929, but his widow continued to live in the house until 1972. Following a series of other owners, Ted and Lara Ferreira purchased the home in 2002.


When the house was featured in the Marietta Pilgrimage in 2004, the Ferreiras ended their description by stating that they “planned no more changes to the house.” Today, they read these words and laugh at themselves. In 2009, the Ferreiras completely remodeled the house, stripping every room except for the kitchen (which they updated in 2004) down to the wall studs and floor beams. Removing the former master bedroom and two baths, they enlarged what is now the master suite and added three bathrooms. In what became a six-month renovation, the Ferreiras also converted the former detached garage into a family room and connected it to the main house with a new hallway and bedrooms for each of their three children. The swimming pool and surrounding landscaping were added in 2010.


The Ferreiras delighted in planning every detail of the renovation, with the intention of making 176 Stewart Avenue “the house it dreamed of becoming.” With design support from Moon Brothers Architects, they maintained its original bungalow appearance from the curb, but with a contemporary courtyard space at the center. Architectural details include tongue and groove ceilings in selected rooms, custom lighting fixtures and narrow clerestory windows throughout the house which provide daylight while maintaining privacy. In the foyer, you will find a few special items … a backlit wine bridge featuring a number of local labels and a lifetime’s collection of Christmas ornaments – many from Lara’s childhood, forty-plus years of “Ted-bears,” and of course, some of their own priceless kid-creations. The fireplace mantle also highlights vintage memorabilia and photographs in homage to their rare Pierce Arrow camping trailer, selected as Best in Show at the 2012 Marietta Hubcaps & History car show. One of only 20 or so remaining in the U.S. (Jay Leno has one in his garage!), Ted and Lara’s 1937 camper, Delores, is on display at the conclusion of your visit.


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