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The Marietta Pilgrimage
A Christmas Home Tour through Marietta, Georgia

The Kay dous LaKay Cottage, c. 1942

192 Cleburne Avenue


The Kay dous LaKay Cottage PhotoThe Kay dous Lakay (“KAI do laKAI”) Cottage was built in 1942 in the midst of WWII. There was a great deal of construction going on in Marietta. The Bell Bomber Plant was being built as well as homes and neighborhoods sprouting up to accommodate the new employees and their families. Marietta played a very active role in the war effort.


One of the new neighborhoods known as Westpark Subdivision was developed by Francis P. Sharp and Walter Warnake. It consisted of 27 “defense” homes and the Kay dous LaKay Cottage was one of those original 27. A Marietta Daily Journal article in March of 1942 reported that the location of these homes was on the Governor Joe Brown’s estate. Bounded by Polk Street and Maple Avenue and Walthal and Cleburne Streets, the 27 houses were “individually designed to avoid any tendency toward the monotony frequently found in subdivisions.” This charming craftsman style cottage was thought to be the “model home” for the neighborhood and was sold to J. A. Simmons in 1944 for $3,900.


The current owners, Chris Cole and Ron Piotrowski, purchased the house in 1989. They named it Kay dous Lakay Cottage, which means "home sweet home” in Cajun. The front porch was added in 2009 and offers a warm and inviting entrance as well as additional space for guests to relax in the wicker furniture. The eye-catching plantings and rockwork show off the beauty of the front entrance of this home.


Chris and Ron furnished the home with family collections and antiques. Guests should make note of the Waterford crystal collection throughout the home, as well as the collection of finials. Heirloom Waterford ornaments glisten on the tree, and other decorations range for antique to contemporary. The fireplace mantle in the Living Room is from the 1880s and the British Armoire is circa 1850s. The Dining Room serves as home to a dining room suite from the 1950s, as well as a cheerful collection of elves.


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