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The Marietta Pilgrimage
A Christmas Home Tour through Marietta, Georgia

The Harrison-Heck-Savic House, c. 1900

227 Forest Avenue


The Harrison-Heck-Savic HouseThis Folk Victorian house was built around 1900. An early owner was Andrew J. Harrison and his sister, Fannie Harrison. Captain Harrison served in the Army of Virginia and was held as a prisoner in Elmira, New York during the Civil War. He was very active in the Confederate Veterans organizations. Harrison passed away in 1904 and the house subsequently passed to his cousin, Annie Heck. She and her son, John, had moved here after her husband was killed in Tennessee. She married Judge Phillip McClesky in 1912 and they lived in the house until Mrs. McClesky's death in 1936. After that point, the house became a rental property. The current owners, Marion and Milan Savic, purchased the home in 2009.


Original features of the house are the Victorian fretwork on the porches, the trim and hardwood floors, six fireplaces and a stained glass window. In 2009, the Savics began a complete renovation of the house as well as an addition. The turret was added at that time. The leaded glass windows in the kitchen are from Marion's childhood home in Chattanooga.


The Savic home is filled with beautiful antiques and collections.